Need Film/Video Crew?

We offer shooting services both ENG/broadcasting and cinematic/documentary starting from a cameraman to multiple crew as required. Learn our shooting services. We also arrange supportive crew in addition to main parts like a gaffer(s)and grip(s). You can see crew bios and equipment. Our shooting rate examples are here in US dollar. Please contact us and let us know your project.

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Production Services or Fixing?

Since DFS's establishment in 2012, we have seen strong demands on fixing services in addition to shooting. DFS offers comprehensive fixing services in Japan for film, television, commercials, corporate and web videos, and arranging talents, crew, equipment, locations, settings, studios, filming permits, catering, beds, food, travels, and transportation for your needs.

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Video in the Can?

We work for productions of various sizes, from one man crew to large-scale productions like films/commercials with various crew and high-end gears. All our customers are from throughout the world and have different ideas on how their productions go on. No worries. Let me know your budget that case, and we can propose what we can do for that. Please do not hesitate to ask any questions.

Video Production Service

Total Production Is Supported.

"Shooting, editing, directing, producing, scripting and production management"

We are based in Osaka, JAPAN


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