Bilingual Videographer Services in Osaka, Japan

DFS's bilingual videographer service is for productions which seek to hire a camera crew who can do the job mainly as a one-man band (or a few assistants if necessary) with cinema cameras, lights, and audio equipment.  This service swims the current of the times and is for productions that consider to coordinate its productions with the minimum number of crew. DFS also offers a remote production service where you can monitor shooting in real time without coming to Japan. DFS's main camera is C300 Mark II, and the second is Sony a7S Mark II or Canon 1DX mark II. You can see our equipment list here

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Web CMs, ENG, Broadcast, Corporate/Events!

DFS has worked on television, broadcasting, documentary, corporate, and cinema projects as camera part

bilingual videographerBilingual Videographer Services in Osaka

We simply set our rates according to the following aspects:

  1. The number of crew - a videographer and assistant(s)
  2. Working hours 
  3. Equipment

We do not consider the selections of equipment from our arsenal dramatically affect the rates. The amount of equipment we can bring to shoot largely depends on the number of crew and shooting situation for each project. For example, it is hardly possible to manipulate three point lighting, multiple cameras, and multiple audio sources with just one crew in a busy circumstances. Such overload will decrease crew's productivity, and results in customer's dissatisfaction. Our multiple crew rates newly updated are reasonable and versatile as follows.

Rates | Bilingual Videographer with Equipment

bilingual videographer

Our main camera is Canon C300 MKII and the second is Sony A7S MKII or Canon 1DX Mark II. You can see our detailed equipment list here.  The first crew is an experienced cameraman and after the second are assistants with good skills. You can see the information of optional services like green screen below this table.  

A Single Day Project
Package # of Crew # of Cameras Hour # of Light (Interview) Audio* Rates
Cameraman - Day 1 1 Up to 10 hrs. Up to 1 On-camera/lav. US$ 600
Cameraman - 1/2 Day 1 1 Up to 4 hrs. Up to 1 On-camera/lav. US$ 399
Cameraman + Assistant - Day 2 1.5 * Up to 10 hrs.  Up to 3  Lav./Shotgun  US$ 850
Cameraman + Assistant - 1/2 Day 2 1.5 * Up to 4 hrs. Up to 3 Lav./Shotgun US$ 599
Pre/Post production arrangements - - Up to 8 hrs. - US$ 300
Additional Assistant - Day +1 - Up to 10 hrs. - - US$ 250


  • Depending on a shooting style, a cameraman cannot carry even a single light head (medium to large). The "# of Light Heads" stands for a lighting setup for interview shoots.
  • We will require "Pre/Post production arrangements" fee for each project. This stands for additional tasks that occur besides a shooting day(s).  An amount will be calcurated based on each project.
  • The "# of Cameras = 1.5" for two crew means we bring two cameras, but mainly use one camera at the same time. If you require multiple camera recording for interviews, please consider three crew.
  • Our main camera is Canon C300 MKII, and the second is Sony A7S MKII with gimbal or Canon 1DX Mark II.
  • As for the audio, we record two channels. We choose the best two selections from on-camera, lav, and shotgun according to each situation.
Additional Services to be considered

Please keep it mind that we won't keep your data longer. If you'd like us to keep your data for backup, please consider a hard drive for backup. 

Package Rates Notes
Live Remote with a smartphone/tablet US$250 You can talk live with the Japanese side using the web conference apps like Zoom/Meet. The Japanese side uses a smartphone or tablet. If you need a good quality, please consider our remote production service.   
Hard Drive for backup (4TB) US$175 To backup your data after shooting with a physical hard drive.  Please keep it mind that we won't keep your data longer. If you'd like us to keep your data for backup, please consider this. 
Green Screen (chroma muslin) US$250 We can set up up to three backdrops (sizes 9 x 15'/3 x 5m each). Lighting for the backdrop included. This can be used for interviews with multiple ppl and some actions including dancing.
White Backdrop (polyester) US$200 Westcott. Sizes 9 x 20'/2.7 x 6m. Wrinkle-resistant. Lighting for the backdrop included.
Black Backdrop (polyester) US$200 Westcott. We can set up to two backdrops (sizes 9 x 20'/2.7 x 6m each). Wrinkle-resistant. 
A/V Tech for Conference US$700 This crew access to control room and manipulate available feeds.

*Green Screen sample:

 *Live Remote, Green Screen, White/Black backdrop options are available with at least the two crew shooting services.

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