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Bilingual Gaffer in Osaka, JAPAN | DFS Productions

We calcurate bilingual gaffer rates based on the following segments according to client's request. 

  1. Labour
  2. Labour and Equipment (DFS's own arsenal)
  3. Rental Equipment (from rental dealers)

No.1 Labour is to come without equipment. No.2 is to come with DFS's own lighting equipment (the list of it is shown below). No.3 it to rent equipment from local dealers. Bigger productions often require expensive lighting sets which DFS does not have and the No. 3 is in that case.  

Maximum working hours is 10 hrs/day.

We are located in Osaka, Japan. Our working territories are Osaka and its surrounding areas like Kyoto, Kobe, Nara, and Wakayama. We sometimes go far like Mie and other parts in the western Japan with additional travel fee like transportation and hotel. 

A bilingual Gaffer in Osaka and Kyoto, JAPAN

DFS has worked for foreign television, broadcasting, documentary, corporate, and cinema projects

1. Labour Only | Bilingual Gaffer

This is for the case you need gaffer's labor only. Even if you won't hire DFS's equipment, the gaffer will bring at least his own light meter and colour meter.    

Maximum working hours is 10 hrs/day. Transportation fee will be required separately. 

To be important, you will get much from DFS with bi-color LED light setting. If you will use tungsten, HMI, or fluorescent, so to speak mono-colour lighting, we may have to bring one or more assistants even in small productions with one to three light heads.     

Package Crew Equipment Rates
Gaffer - Production  (Bilingual) 1 Light Meter and Colour Meter US$ 450
Gaffer - Pre-Production  (Bilingual)  1 Light Meter and Colour Meter US$ 350 
Gaffer (Bilingual) and Assistant - Production  2 Light Meter and Colour Meter US$ 650
Additional Assistant +1 No +US$250 

 *10 working hours/day 


2. Labour and Equipment/Car (DFS's own arsenal) | Bilingual Gaffer

DFS has its own bi-colour LED lights for six in total. These light will functions as main/key lights for some productions. If you'd like ARRI's SkyPanels, KINO FLO CELEB, or equivalent, please refer to the next section "3. Rental Equipment (from rental dealers)." If using the rental gear as key light, you still can use ours as fill/rim lights. 

We carry these equipment with own our car.  Gas, toll, and parking fee will be required. 

DFS Lighting Kit:

  1. 1 x Aputure COB 300D Mark II (CRI96-7, 5600K+-200)Bilingual Gaffer
  2. 3 x Genaray SpectroLED Studio 500 Bi-Color LED Light (CRI93, 3200-5600K, 3400 lux @ 3.3')
  3. 1 x SmallRig 120D COB
  4. 3 x Genaray SpectroLED Essential 240 Bi-Color LED Light (3200-5600K, 1700 lux @ 3.3') *can be battery-powered on location.
  5. 1 x Aputure LS 60X + softbox
  6. 3 x Genaray Torpedo Portable Daylight Focusing
  7. 2 x Aputure AL-M9
  8. 7 x Westcott Modifiers
  9. 1 x Avenger C-stand with Grip Arm kit.
  10. 3 x Matthews Stands 
  11. 2 x Matthews Mini Boom (45-80") 
  12. 1 x Impact 40" Extension Grip Arm
  13. 5 x Impact/Lowel light stands for small light heads 
  14. 1 x Matthews Hollywood Grip Head
  15. 2 x Matthews Flags (18x48" and 24x72")
  16. 3 x Westcott softboxes
  17. 2 x Smallrig softboxes
  18. Diffusions 
  19. Clamps, tapes, extensions, reflectors, blankets...etc. 
Package Crew Equipment Rates
Gaffer - Production  (Bilingual) 1 Yes  US$ 750
Gaffer - Pre-Production  (Bilingual)  1 Yes  US$ 550
Gaffer (Bilingual) and Assistant - Production  2 Yes  US$1,000
Additional Assistant +1  No  +US$250 

  *12 working hours/day 


3. Rental Equipment (from rental dealers).

If you require high-end LED lights from ARRI or Kino Flo (or anything else), we will rent them from dealers. Fortunately, those LED lights like SkyPanels and Celebs are available here. These rates are different between dealers and usually more expensive than the rental dealers in the West. For example;

  • Kino Flo Celeb 200 is around US$180/day (incl. tax and insurance)
  • ARRI SkyPanel S60 is  around US$300/day (incl. tax and insurance)
  • ARRI SkyPanel S120 is  around US$360/day (incl. tax and insurance)Bilingual Gaffer

To be important, if using these light heads, DFS's small car cannot carry these and we will rent a van. It is usually;

  • Van rental; US$180/day

Please keep it mind that we will need gas, toll, and parking fee. 

Please contact us for precise estimation: or Contact US!


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