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The Director

DFS's director/cinematographer is Hotaka Matsumura, who is a native Osakan and speaks both English and Japanese. His distinctive works as a filmmaker include the following four productions, spanning both independent and commercial projects:

Kikuichi Story Trilogy (2022) - promotional documentary short (15min)
SARABA! (2021) - promotional narrative short (16min)
Midnight Delivery App (2020) - narrative short feature (50min)
Mother’s Birthday (2013) - narrative short feature (51min)

Possessing a broad range of skills that enable him to create flexible and adaptable visual compositions and productions in line with clients' needs, he also demonstrates a strong individuality as a director, projecting his unique style onto his works. For example, one common theme that he explores in his own films is self-sacrifice. In a world where rationality and self-interest reign supreme, self-sacrifice often means a futile death. However, he feels a strong sense of sympathy, gratitude, and respect for those who have sacrificed themselves, to varying degrees, for the sake of others. Although the basis for these feelings in his own life is not clear, significant events took place during his late teenage years, with the greatest being a conflict with his biological mother. In essence, his mother continued to bind her son with her persistent love for a long time. Desiring liberation from this, he asked his mother during middle school if he could leave home to pursue his dream of becoming a soccer player. However, not only did she refuse to support his wish, but she also actively obstructed it. At that time, his wish was for his mother to make the ultimate self-sacrifice - to release her beloved child from her binding love. In terms of visual style, he prioritizes effective storytelling through the use of diverse styles stemming from his technical versatility. For instance, he frequently employs mise-en-scène elements such as nature, forests, trees, leaves, plants, and flowers. As an artist, he is highly committed to all styles, believing in the importance of strong control and intentionality in every aspect of filmmaking, including lighting, editing, sound, and mise-en-scène. For example, he dislikes the idea of completely outsourcing tasks like music composition and editing to others.

Basic Rates | Director

Director Rates

Rates Day Rates Notes
Planning/Pre-Productions US$350 Script analysis and development.
Productions US$600 Filming.

Director/Cinematographer Rates

Rates Day Rates Notes
Planning/Pre-Productions US$350 Script analysis and development.
Productions US$1,000 Filming.
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