Live Stream Your Event with DFS Productions in Osaka, Japan

DFS Productions, a video production company based in Japan, offers a range of services to overseas clients, including video production, production support, crew dispatch, and now, live streaming services. We are excited to announce that we have expanded our services to include live streaming for clients who need real-time access to events, conferences, and meetings remotely. As live streaming becomes increasingly popular on video sharing platforms like YouTube, DFS Productions can operate multi-camera operations from one to four or multi-channels up to four, making it ideal for projects that require small to medium-sized systems.

Our LS operators are bilingual in English and Japanese, making communication with clients seamless. Our live streaming services are ideal for productions that want to coordinate their productions with minimal crew. Moreover, we offer a remote production service where directors, producers, and even DOPs can direct/supervise/monitor actual productions in real-time through video telephony applications like Zoom or Google Meet.

Live Stream Your Event with DFS Productions - Reach a Global Audience!

DFS Productions, a video production company based in Osaka, introduces its latest live streaming service. Ideal for small to medium-sized events, our bilingual operators will ensure seamless communication. We also offer remote production services.

Rates | Live Streaming Services in Osaka

We provide customized live streaming packages that include a live streaming operator and the option to add additional inputs for video and/or audio. Our LS service itself does not include cameras and cameramen. However, we offer shooting services, director of photography, or videographer for your filming choice. Our packages start from:

Package # of video inputs # of Mic inputs Half Day Rates Day Rates
Live Streaming Operator - Production 1 Up to 2 US$ 500 US$ 700
Additional Video Input(s) +1 - - US$ 100
Additional Audio Input(s) - +1 - US$ 50
  • The video inputs can be used not only as camera signals but also for other inputs like PC screens.
Live Streaminng Preparation

If your project requires preparation before the shooting date, we can provide live streaming preparation services such as setting up on-site, making credits, titles, and any other insertions for streaming. Our preparation packages start from:

Package # of cameras Half Day Rates (Up to 4 hrs) Day Rates (up to 10hrs)
Preparation - US$ 300 US$ 350

At DFS Productions, we believe in delivering high-quality services that cater to our clients' unique needs. Contact us today to learn more about our live streaming services and let us help you take your event to a global audience.