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DFS Productions

DFS is an Osaka-based media productions operated by Hotaka Matsumura, a freelance producer.

In early 2012, Hotaka came back to Japan from the United States to make films in his own country and language. Soon he began production business in Japan, and he also started helping foreign-headquartered productions which often face difficulty in communicating with different-language-speakers in Japan.  Since then, DFS has worked as a window to Japan for many foreign companies and people.

In 2016, to meet the diverse needs of its clients from all over the world, DFS started to add more filmmakers as its main members who take leading parts in productions like DPs, cinematographers, directors, PMs, and the like. These filmmakers are specifically featured on DFS site.

The studio functions as a team of highly-skilled freelancers. All of its main members can speak multiple language and many of its supportive members can use English.

DFS Cinema