Payment and Contract Policy | DFS Productions

Deposit Payment and Project Confirmation

We will require partial down payment to proceed with any project formally. It is comprised of

  1. 50% of service fee
  2. 100% of expenses – various payments to outsources/Non-DFS parties like location permits, transportation and travel, equipment rental, talents, etc, based on estimation(s)

This rule is set so that we would avoid any risks in international transactions. This down payment therefore works as deposit. Without payment, DFS cannot make any of its people start to move, and nothing begins. In other words, until this payment, we won’t confirm any crew’s availability on expected dates.  

Please be ready for payment immediately if you are okay with our estimation. 


Project which starts within 5 business days from the confirmation (except for solo shooting service)

For solo shooting services often ordered by broadcasts, we are okay as it is same as other projects. On the other hand, projects which require additional crews and services from outsources/Non-DFS parties like production service arrangement, we set special conditions to accept projects.

  1. 100% advance payment based on estimation 

We may reject projects which is very last-minutes like tomorrow or day after tomorrow. 


Cancellation Fee

If projects are cancelled before it begins, the deposit above works as cancellation fee. 


NDA and Contract Signature 

*If you are from major broadcasting network or television/media programs, this rule is not applicable and please do not read.  

First, we won’t break promises. Second, in real world in international transaction (not mega budget), contract and NDA works like “just for sure” to protect clients themselves from their vendors. On the other hand, there are some companies which demand signature on a various conditions which possibly prevent our future businesses as they like.  Of course we won’t sign such contract for sure. 

What is important here is how much the project is worth for us. For example, if your project is just for a day shoot, we don’t want to assign our valuable time to read through it.  Sometimes we need to show it to lawyer, and it costs money of course. Our question is simple again: Does this project deserve such time and money?      

We set the following rules for NDA and Contract signature.


Under US$3,000 – Basically, we won’t sign.
US$3,000 to 10,000 = Conditionally, we sign
US$10,000 to 30,000 = We can sign
Above US$30,000 = Under lawyers approval, we can sign


There are specific rules in addition to above for NDAs.

  1. We will be able to take a look at it before confirmation, but won’t sign it without project confirmation (deposit payment).      
Payment through Paypal

We require additional fee if you pay through Paypal. It is comprised of additional percent to the amount of total estimation:

Under US$3,000 = 4.1%
3,000 to 10,000 = 3.9.%
10,000 to 100,000 = 3.7%
Above 100,000 = 3.4%


If you have any question, please contact us