Light Videographer Service

Introducing DFS Productions’ latest offering, the Light Videographer Service: a harmonious blend of affordability, agility and uncompromising quality.

In the realm of video production, every endeavour is as unique as the vision that drives it, with different needs and financial considerations. Recognising this diversity, DFS Productions is pleased to present the Light Videographer Service, a new approach to video production that elevates simplicity and mobility to an art form.

High-Quality Equipment, Affordable Pricing

For a daily rate of just $400, our clients can secure the services of an experienced bilingual videographer armed with the cutting-edge technology of a mirrorless camera. Compact yet sophisticated, this remarkable device is capable of capturing breathtakingly exquisite footage, suitable for a wide range of video projects, from corporate narratives to intimate documentaries.

Service Crew Camera Lighting Audio Day Rates
Videographer 1 1 * Mirroless/DSLR 1*small LED 1*Wireless or on-camera mic US$400

*8 working hours/day 

Inclusion of Essential Support Equipment

The Light Videographer Service also adds essential support equipment, including a gimbal to ensure smooth, cinematic capture of every scene. Audio clarity is never compromised, with a choice of a compact on-camera microphone or a discreet lavalier microphone for pristine sound quality.

Gear List | Light Videographer
1Sony a7S Mark IICameraDelivering stunning 4K clarity and exceptional low-light performance for detailed, vibrant imagery.
2DJI Ronin RS2GimbalExperience smooth, cinematic motion regardless of the action or environment, ensuring your story is captured flawlessly.
3Sony FE 28mm F2LensCapture expansive scenes with a fast and versatile wide-angle lens, perfect for dynamic storytelling in a variety of conditions.
4Sony’s Wireless MicMicrophoneEnsure pristine audio capture with a robust and reliable wireless microphone, ideal for a clear and unbroken narrative.
5LEDLight HeadExperience versatile illumination with a battery-powered LED light, adjustable color temperature ensures the perfect mood for every scene.
Agility and Flexibility

In the spirit of agility, our videographer arrives at your chosen location with all the necessary equipment conveniently housed in a single rucksack. This nimble approach facilitates fast set-up times and offers the flexibility to adapt to a variety of shooting environments – an ideal solution for projects with demanding schedules or those requiring multiple locations within a single day.

Director/Videographer Service: Elevating Your Storytelling

In the world of video production, the power of a compelling narrative cannot be underestimated. It is the art of storytelling that captivates audiences and creates a deeper connection between the viewer and the content. Recognising this profound impact, we are proud to offer the Director/Videographer service as an optional extension to our Light Videographer service.

Service Crew Camera Lighting Audio Day Rates
Director/Videographer 1 1 * Mirroless/DSLR 1*small LED 1*Wireless or on-camera mic US$600

Our Director/Videographer is not just a camera operator, but a creative professional who will actively participate in shaping the overall vision of your video project. From guiding subjects and conducting interviews to managing the tone and pace of the video, the Director/Videographer will ensure that your narrative is seamlessly woven into the visual tapestry of the footage.

With the addition of the Director/Videographer service, your video will be more than just visually appealing – it will be a storytelling medium that resonates with viewers, evokes emotion and conveys a powerful message. This service is particularly beneficial for corporate videos and documentaries that aim to tell a brand story, connect with viewers on a deeper level and inspire them to take action.

Choose our Director/Videographer service and take your video production to new heights of storytelling excellence.

Unwavering Commitment to Excellence

Despite the modest pricing, the essence of our commitment to excellence remains unchanged. Our videographers are experienced professionals, skilled in the delicate art of visual storytelling. They will work closely with you to transform your unique vision into a visual reality with precision, creativity and flair.

Streamlining Your Project with Pre/Post Production Arrangements

Beyond the primary day of shooting, video production often involves a variety of tasks that require expert attention. DFS Productions is proud to offer the Pre/Post Production Arrangements service, a convenient solution to these needs, available at a daily rate of $200.

Pre/Post Production ArrangementsUS$200Comprehensive pre-shoot preparations and post-shoot wrap-up tasks are covered, ensuring a seamless and efficient video production experience for every project.

Prior to shooting, we assist with essential preparations such as understanding project materials, location scouting and necessary procurement. After the shoot, we manage data backup, secure delivery of footage and other wrap-up tasks to ensure a complete and stress-free production experience.

Our Pre/Post Production Arrangements service, together with our Light Videographer service, provides a comprehensive, cost-effective solution to your video production needs. Trust DFS Productions to handle the details so you can focus on your vision.

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