Revolutionizing Film Production Services with AI | DFS Productions

Today, over a cup of coffee, I can’t help but get excited about the potential of AI and how it could revolutionise the film industry. As the founder of my film production company, which specialises in English- and Japanese-language film production services, crew placement services and production support services for foreign companies, I’m always looking for new ways to serve the industry.

Recently, I have been using conversational AI, specifically ChatGPT, to help me write our blog posts. Just giving it a general topic or theme inevitably leads to bland articles, so I give it a few conditions and tell it to rewrite them based on an original article I have written. Then, with the help of ChatGPT, I was able to produce a well-written article in just 30 minutes. This paradigm shift in technology has the potential to revolutionise the film industry, and the sooner I adapt and embrace it, the sooner I can reap the full benefits.

While I’m impressed with ChatGPT’s capabilities, I’m also looking at Google’s new AI, Google Bard, which is said to be more advanced and able to learn from real-time online information. However, it is still said to have limitations, especially in areas where is not digitised, i.e. the real, live world, and where the reliability of information from individuals is questionable.

However, and this is my personal opinion, both Google Search and ChatGPT can complement each other in providing reliable and useful information. For example, much of the information returned by Google is directly digitised and personalised, based on an individual’s own sensory perception of the world, whereas ChatGPT prioritises the accuracy of the information by selecting data to learn, and the answers it returns are more generally correct. This means that what I want to hear from Google Bard is not correct information, but raw information that people have sent themselves, and this also applies to Facebook and Twitter. If Google chooses to significantly generalise the information it wants Bard to learn, it may lose a significant advantage over ChatGPT in terms of individuality and originality.

My production company is committed to providing clients with the highest quality video production services, with creative originality as well as accuracy of information as the top priorities. To this end, I will continue to monitor and adapt to evolving technology in order to provide the best possible service. Whether you are visiting my website for the first time or are a long-standing customer, I hope to provide you with clear and concise information about our services and video production.