Collaborating with a Russian Production Company: Navigating Visa Challenges and Exciting Opportunities | March 2023


At our Osaka-based video production company, we pride ourselves on providing first-class domestic shooting support to international film and video production companies. Recently, we have been in discussions with a Russian production company looking to shoot in Japan, which has presented some unique challenges and opportunities.

The project:

The production company is planning two separate trips to Japan. The first trip, scheduled for spring, will involve a small team of seven people scouting locations for approximately two weeks. The second trip, scheduled for the autumn, will bring about 20 people to Japan for about three months, with some staying for about a few weeks.

Visa challenges:

Given the current geopolitical situation involving Russia, Ukraine and ongoing COVID-19 concerns, we needed to address potential visa challenges for the Russian crew. We consulted with an expert from the Commons Administrative Scrivener’s Office and received the following information:

  1. Short-stay visa:
    1. Support fee: ¥77,000 per person (including tax); ¥66,000 (including tax) for the second person and above.
    2. Estimated processing time: 1.5 to 2 months
  2.  Entertainment Visa:
    1. Support fee: ¥137,500 per person (including tax)
    2. Estimated processing time: Approximately 4 months

Due to visa processing times, the Russian production company decided to apply for short-term and work visas for their crew at the same time. They are aware of potential visa issues for Russian citizens and will consult with experts in the field.

Moving forward:

As we continue to work with the Russian production company, we will provide updates on the progress of their visa applications. We are excited about the potential collaboration and are committed to ensuring a smooth production process for our international partners.


Navigating the complexities of visa requirements and international collaboration can be challenging, but our commitment to providing exceptional support to foreign film and video production companies remains unwavering. We look forward to sharing further insights and experiences as we continue to work with production companies around the world. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact our team.