Internet Speed and Remote Productions in Japan- April 2021

What is different today from pre-COVID 19 days is an increasing demand of remote production and livestreaming services. When I first invested in a switcher from Blackmagic about an year ago, I neither expexted this new business would happen nor did I expect this pandemic would continues more than an year. It’s been an year and couple of months since Osaka got into first shutdown. Today, I believe this chaos will continues at least another year. 

DFS has adapted to this sream technically since early and have establishied remote production systems for various production needs. We have done CM, interviews, and online seminars remotely so far. Needless to say, in addition, all pre-production meetings turn into online like via Meet and Zoom.  

One of the important aspect for the remote production is Internet speed. The cover photo is an internet speed test and was taken when we filmed an online seminar in Tottori recently. It is fundamental to secure this speed for all remote production successes. If you have a wired connections in expected locations in this countly, many of them is optic-fiber cable and very fast enough for livestreaming. If not, the 2nd solution is using mobile networks but wifi. Almost all areas in Japan but mountain sides are covered by mobile networks 4G or 5G and these are fast enough to livestreaming high quality video and audio.


Let me know about your remote project and we are ready to go with it.