Overnight Shoot and a Remote Production – October 2020

Last October we had an overnight shoot with production teams throughout the world the remote headquater of which is in New York. As far as I remember those teams were from London, New York, Los Angeles, Colorado, Florida, and we Kyoto.   

We Japanese team drew the overnight shoot because we were at the opposite side of the Earth from the headquater in NY. We got into a nagaya house in Kyoto in the evening with supper in our bags and prepared for the coming shoot which was suposed to start at midnight. 

This photo is from that night where you can see lots of bottles. These are Japanese Red-Bull-like energy drinks I had bought for my crew who unfortunately ended up with standing overnight for this duty.  

We use Blackmagic Design’s switcher for streaming the camera eye and operator’s eyes. We sent three video channels via mobile WIFI which is basically enough for compressed video signals.

We have remote production service pages here. If you need live streaming service like via YouTube, this is it.  

You can watch the final product from this shoot on their site