Optional Services – Video Production in Osaka and Kyoto, Japan

Optional Services

The following optional services are available in addition to the main shooting services above. The green screen is only available in addition to multiple crew shooting services, which is more than one crew.

Package Notes Rates
Editing for ENG/Broadcast Simple cutting/extraction of footage for news/media use. US$ 150
Green Screen (chroma muslin) We can set up up to three backdrops (sizes 9 x 15'/3 x 5m each). Lighting for the backdrop included.  This can be used for interviews with multiple ppl and some actions including dancing.  US$ 250
White Backdrop (polyester) Westcott. Sizes 9 x 20'/2.7 x 6m . Wrinkle-resistant. Lighting for the backdrop included. US$ 200
Black Backdrop (polyester) Westcott. We can set up to two backdrops (sizes 9 x 20'/2.7 x 6m each). Wrinkle-resistant.  US$ 100
A/V Tech for Conference This crew access to control room and manipulate available feeds. US$ 450

  *Green Screen, white/black backdrop options are available with at least the two crew shooting services

Any Question? Please contact; info@dfscinema.com or Contact US!



These are optional services mainly for larger productions or projects in specific needs.  Some positions are available independent from this shooting services in the crew coordination page. 

Type Language  Rates
Assistant Director English/Japanese  US$500~600
2nd AC English/Japanese  US$250~300
Japanese US$200~250
Gaffer English/Japanese  US$450~600
Japanese US$400-550
Grip English/Japanese US$200~300 
Japanese US$150~200
2nd Cameraman Japanese   US$500~700

Any Question? Please contact; info@dfscinema.com or Contact US!