Basic Rates | Photographic Sessions


Please refer to the bottom part of this page for a service request for multiple days or regular basis.

Overall, the total of photographic service is calculated based on;

  1. Shoot Genre (Media, Commercial, or Corporate)
  2. Hours per a Session
  3. Transportation Fee

The followings are examples. These include post-retouching on images and online (or digital) delivery. Transportation fee is from Osaka to the shooting location. If your location is near Osaka, it’s around US$10 to 30.

Rate Examples
Rates 2. Hours/Session 1. Shoot Genre No. of Photos Delivered Note
US$150 1 hr Any Apprx. 12 to 18
  • Portrait Photography
  • Corporate/Head Shot Photography
  • Industrial or Product Photography
  • Event and Sports Photography
  • Nature and Travel Photography
  • Architecture Photography
US$275 2 hrs Any Apprx. 16 to 24
US$495 4 hrs Corporate and Event Apprx. 24 to 36
US$780 Day Media and CM Ask

I have time frames in a day time to schedule shootings. Foe example, I go to next place after each shooting. If your location is remote from Osaka and I need extra time to get to and back,  please consider extra fee.

Other than that, the following fee might be your consideration in case commercial photography.

  • Additional equipment like studio lighting, location/studio rental, talents, costumes, and makeups.
  • Delivery Format other than Digital

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Multiple days or Regular Basis Contract

I can make a deal for regular services for discounted rate. Please contact; or Contact US!