Crew Coordination Services in Osaka and Kyoto, Japan | DFS Productions

This service page is for clients who are just in need of supportive crew like sound techs, hair/makeup artists, ACs, and PAs as below. Currently, it is not available to hire just one supportive crew (like sound or hair/makeup only) from DFS. We can arrange supportive crew like;   

  • Sound with kit (English or Japanese) 
  • Hair/Makeup Artist with kit (Japanese or English) 
  • AC (English or Japanese)
  • PA (English or Bilingual)

*If you would like crew like cameraman, DP, fixer/PM, producer, gaffer, or drone operator, please refer to their dedicated pages linked. 

We conditionally accept this supportive crew coordination as follow;

  1. Total advance payment in prior to production
  2. At least there is a week (five business days) till production from a project confirmation.    

If your project is in last-minute like within a week, we'd like to charge an additional fee as follows;

  • 4 business days  = 10% increase
  • 3 business days = 15% increase
  • 2 business days and 1 weekend day = 20% increase
  • 1 business day and 2 weekend days = 25% increase
  • Less = it's hard to accept your request but please contact. 

Crew Coordination Services available in Osaka and Kyoto, JAPAN

DFS has worked for foreign television, broadcasting, documentary, corporate, and cinema projects since 2012.

Supportive Crew Packages for Video Productions

Sound tech and hair/Makeup Artist have their own kit. We require transportation fee to each locations. 


Package Crew Kit Day Rate
Sound Tech and PA 2 Yes US$ 800
Hair/Makeup Artist and PA 2 Yes US$ 700 
Sound Tech, Hair/Makeup Artist, and PA  3 Yes US$ 1,250
Sound Tech and AC 2 Yes US$ 950 
Hair/Makeup Artist, AC and PA  3  Yes US$ 1,200
Sound Tech, Hair/Makeup Artist, AC, and PA  4  Yes US$ 1,650

*12 working hours/day 

*Depending on camera used, proper AC may not be available at given time. 

*Hair/Makeup artist is Japanese or English speaking.

Please contact us for precise estimation: or Contact US!