DFS Productions is a media production studio based in Osaka, JAPAN.

DFS will add more filmmakers from 2016

Hello all!

I’m announcing that DFS Productions will add filmmakers who take main parts in productions besides me, Hotaka Matsumura, from this year 2016.  This decision is all for our customers.  I want to make some explanations why I decided this as below.

As noted in About page, DFS has functioned as a team of highly skilled freelancers since its establishment in 2012.   In the beginning, DFS’s business is just a camera part in which I am always a main cameraman or DP.   In those productions, other freelancers are comprised of, for example, secondary camera, sound recorder or mixer, assistants, gaffer(s) and/or the like. Soon DFS started its full video production service where I was usually a directing part.  Other freelancers but a producer assisted productions in that case. In the last year, DFS finally (and formally)  started production services where I am a producer or production manager…And here is a question to myself; what do I want to do, really? Time is running. Obviously, it severely restricts DFS’s working capacity that one person always does an exclusive main part in productions. It’s time to change.

I will introduce great filmmakers in the following weeks who will work for you all over the world.