DFS Productions: Providing professional drone services for high quality aerial footage production | March 2023

We are DFS Productions, a company based in Osaka, Japan that provides professional drone services to capture high quality aerial footage for a variety of projects. Our services include flight preparation, drone operation, location service and landowner payment. We recently received an email from a potential client who wanted to capture traffic intersections in Japan, and we shared the pricing and details with the client.

A Narrative Film Form as a Promotional Tool | August 2021

At 99.999% of its occasions film festivals are places to show your own film by paying fees for it. No, you must be “chosen” to show your film to the audience. Twenty years ago, the festivals were the only way to show independent films to a wide range of audiences whom you’ve never met. Today, […]

Internet Speed and Remote Productions in Japan- April 2021

What is different today from pre-COVID 19 days is an increasing demand of remote production and livestreaming services. When I first invested in a switcher from Blackmagic about an year ago, I neither expexted this new business would happen nor did I expect this pandemic would continues more than an year. It’s been an year […]

Overnight Shoot and a Remote Production – October 2020

Last October we had an overnight shoot with production teams throughout the world the remote headquater of which is in New York. As far as I remember those teams were from London, New York, Los Angeles, Colorado, Florida, and we Kyoto.    We Japanese team drew the overnight shoot because we were at the opposite […]

Remote Monitoring – May 2020

Osaka has re-opened its economy today which had been closed for about one and half months due to the pandemic worldwide.  Something has been changed and nothing has ended.  My question is simple:  Will there be any new demand in this market now and in close future? I’ve already heard some foreign productions cancelled their […]

Drone Flight in Kyoto – March 2019

Do you want to fly in the city of Kyoto? Yes, we can fly. This is a report about a day project to take aerial footages for a hotel’s online promotional video. In pre-production, we arranged the followings: Flight schedules (day and time)  National permission  Local permissions (public or/and private) 1. Flight Schedules: There two […]

DFS Shooting Service: What is New in 2019?

Last year, 2018, the ratio of our shooting service in each field is as below. Broadcast/Media – approx.. 40% Commercial (Web) – approx.. 30% Corporate – approx.. 30% Every time we saw new demands come out, we adjusted the shooting services as to optimise those shooting field or genres. The followings have been added to […]

June 2018 Newsletter: Gaffer, Sound, and Stylist – Supportive Crew Coordination

DFS Productions re-starts supportive crew coordination and newly launch gaffer service for foreign productions  Would you like supportive crew coordinations in Japan?   Yeah, many of clients would.   We have not accepted such requests since years ago, however.  My reason is simple; it won’t make a profit at all. In its early age, between 2012 and 2014-ish, […]