A Bilingual Sound Mixer in Osaka, Japan | DFS Productions

A bilingual sound mixer has been an important part for team projects since a while ago but this market had not offered the stable supply of it in Osaka area for long. Our goal is to make it easy for foreign productions to find a sound recordist locally in Osaka or its surrounding areas like Kyoto and Nara for reaspnable rates. And it is finally here.  

DFS can arrange at least one bilingual sound mixer at once (fluent). *If he is occupied, we also can call local recordists in Osaka. These local recordists have high skills and they speaks English (limited working proficiency). 

Maximum working hours is 12 hrs/day.

We are located in Osaka, Japan. Our working territories are Osaka and its surrounding areas like Kyoto, Kobe, Nara, and Wakayama. We sometimes go far like Mie and other parts in the western Japan with additional travel fee like transportation and hotel. 

A bilingual Location Sound Mixer in Osaka and Kyoto, JAPAN

DFS has worked for foreign television, broadcasting, documentary, corporate, and cinema projects

1. Rates | Bilingual Sound Mixer in Osaka

We offer bilingual sound mixer with equipment for a day or half day.   

Maximum working hours is 12 hrs/day. Half day is 4 working hours.   

Additional fee is transportation. If shooting locations requires long travel, we also charge that fee and extra working hours.      

Package Crew Equipment Rates
Location Sound Recordist  (Bilingual) - Day 1 Yes US$ 550
Location Sound Recordist  (Bilingual) - Half Day 1 Yes US$400

 *12 working hours/day, *4 working hours/half day 

2. Equipment
  1. Shotgun: Sennheiser MKH 416
  2. Shotgun: Sennheiser MKH 50
  3. Recorder: Zoom F8n
  4. Wireless1: Sony UWP-D21
  5. Wireless2: Sony UWP-D11
  6. Wireless3: Sony UWP-V1
  7. Accessories

Please contact us for precise estimation: hotaka.d@gmail.com or Contact US!