Behind the Scenes: Contributing to Unreported World | Osaka Production Company Experience | July 2023

As a producer for an Osaka-based production company, I recently had the privilege of contributing to an episode of the acclaimed British foreign affairs programme Unreported World. Our team was responsible for drone filming and some fixer work for the episode, which can be viewed here.

Unreported World: A brief overview

Unreported World is a critically acclaimed series produced by ITN Productions and broadcast by Channel 4 in the UK. Since its first broadcast on 8 September 2000, the programme has been dedicated to uncovering stories often ignored by the world’s media. The reporters travel to dangerous places around the world, shining a light on the lives of people in some of the world’s fastest-changing regions. Find out more about the programme here.

Our role in the production

Our role in the production involved drone filming and fixing support work in Osaka. Drone filming has revolutionised the way we capture imagery, offering a unique perspective that was previously difficult to achieve. The aerial footage we captured provided a broader context of the location, adding a layer of depth and complexity to the narrative.

The work of the fixer, on the other hand, is less glamorous but just as important. As fixers, we facilitated the production by coordinating with local contacts, arranging logistics and navigating cultural nuances. This behind-the-scenes work is essential to the smooth running of the production.

The impact of our work

Our work for Unreported World goes beyond filming and editing. We were part of a team that brought untold stories to the forefront, stories that can spark conversations, inspire change and challenge perspectives. The visuals we captured and the logistics we managed contributed to the overall narrative, making the stories more compelling and impactful.

Looking ahead

As a production company, we are committed to using our skills and resources to contribute to meaningful projects like Unreported World. We believe in the power of media to inform, inspire and create change. And we are excited by the opportunities that lie ahead.

In conclusion, our work with Unreported World was more than just a project; it was an opportunity to be part of a larger narrative, one that shines a light on underreported stories around the world. We are proud of our contribution and look forward to more opportunities to use our skills for such impactful work.