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Since DFS's establishment in 2012, we have seen strong demands on production services in addition to shootings in Japan.   It's quite understandable, because film and video productions usually put much emphasis on its artistic part and they want to bring their DPs and main creative crew from their own countries.  What foreign productions need in Japan is services other than art; production and its management.

On the other hand, and in fact, DFS has not taken minor, and partial production services for one reason;   you cannot make the most of the DFS's production ability with such minor or partial authority on Japanese side.

For example, quite a few soundings already have arranged main production tasks and just require DFS partial services like; equipment rental or dry hire,  arrangement of supportive crew like assistants,  just transportation, costumes/props only, OR location/filming permits only.   DFS sincerely wanted to help those productions but could not offer to help because DFS cannot control production satisfactorily with these minor authority.  In addition, many productions have already assigned large part of their budget to other tasks at the moment and cannot arrange decent amount to the "remaining" part of productions.  DFS needs to take charge of entire or large part of production tasks in Japanese side to show its best ability.  Therefore, it's good idea to work with us from a very budgeting phase.

DFS offers comprehensive production services in Japan for film, television, commercials, corporate and web videos.

Arranging talents, crew, equipment, locations, settings, studios, filming permits, catering, beds, food, travels, and transportation.

How it works?

To make coming discussion move forward more smoothly,   please consider the following information from DFS side on production service.

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1. DFS needs a complete advance payment for payment to outsources/Non-DFS parties like location permits, transportation, equipment, etc, based on estimation(s). We also require partial down payment for crew fee for confirmation (at least 50%). This rule is set so that we would avoid any risks in international transactions. If actual fee for the outsourcing is less than what was estimated, we refund the difference. This down payment therefore works as deposit. Without payment, DFS cannot make any of its people start to move, and nothing begins.
2. DFS needs to take charge of entire or large part of production tasks in Japanese side to show its best ability. 

Estimation Steps

Many companies want actual figures in the early stage of production but they often do not have enough information to calculate how much they really need.  From our side, it gets problematic sometimes if your needs and assumed budget scale see a huge gap (this often happens equipment rental in Japan).   To avoid this problem, DFS set "rough estimation" into the following two steps.

Steps Note
1st Estimate Very rough estimation based on provided information.   If you are okay with this numbers, we can understand that your needs and assumed budget scale does not see the huge gap.   On this step, nobody but a producer just does a desk work to calculate the estimate. Please keep it mind that this figures can largely vary, however.
2nd Estimate
 If you are okay with the 1st estimation, and you also agree with the down payment condition, DFS can go further and can give you a bit more detailed estimate.   On this step,   people in addition to the producer moves according to their needs.  Please keep it mind, because it is assumed that provided information is still incomplete (always),   calculated total is not necessarily fixed.   DFS try to do its best to make this total is decent and close to the final figures.

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