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“Research” stands for tasks in the early pre-prodction phase where producers look into the subjects and makes plans or blueprint based on which potential projects will proceeds smoothly. 

DFS’s Research service is basically for the following projects

  1. Projects which are not yet budgeted
  2. Potential projects before its pre-production launch

It’s different from Production/Fixing Service in terms of the following way.

  1. Fixing/Production – Projects that are already budgeted 
  2. Research – Projects that are not budgeted yet 

In other words, Research service is for projects which are in a proposal phase to client, and seeking not only suggestions for treatment material but also its blue print and budget scale. 


DFS Research Rates:

Rates Hours Notes
US$100 3 hrs. Number of days to be estimated according to requirement
US$200 Daily Number of days to be estimated according to requirement

*8 working hours/day

DFS Research Rate Packages:

Rates Hours Notes
US$900  5 business days One report at the end of a week is promised
US$1,750 10 business days One report at the end of each week is promised

*8 working hours/day

Important Notes:

Overall, unlike Fixing/Production services;

  • We stay in the office – We call, but won’t meet. 
  • We won’t make the final deals with potential subjects – For example, we can ask subjects like people/companies, locations and any other potential components of the program, for their interests and availability.  Nothing will be confirmed for prospective projects in future, however.   
  • We won’t accompany with a coming team/personnel 

If you require a researcher to go out, please see the Fixer/Production services or Location service page. 

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