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Location Scout in Osaka, JAPAN | DS Productions

This service page is for clients who are just in need of location scout locally. DFS's LS is in charge of searching locations in pre-productions.

If you require getting permissiong from location owners for filming, please refer to the fixer services instead. It includes location management task as the part of comprehensive fixer services. 

We have been in this business for long since 2012 and are very familiar with locations around Kansai area. One of our location service experience is available on blog.


We will estimate the number of days needed to complete tasks for the crew based on your requests. The number of locations and  the kind of locations affects the required days. 

Package Day Rate
Location Scout (Pre-Productions) US$ 250

*8 working hours/day 


Some location photos scouted for the film "Midnight Delivery App" in Osaka:  https://www.flickr.com/photos/72347555@N05/albums/72157713639256581

Some Notes from a local regarding "imagined" location in treatments

Not a few treatments expect fantasy-like or SF-like locations from very early stage of pre-production. For many foreign filmmakers, Japan is a strange world where they have seen only as depiction in anime or Ukiyo-e, or possibly "Blade Runner."  Large budget projects can afford such loations no matter renting or making it, while the rest is hard to acomplish such mise-en-scene for free or little money. DFS still can mange some of greatest locations for reasonanle price. We recommend to use our Research service from DFS to avoid this kind of unrealistic treatment, however. 

Please contact us for precise estimation: hotaka.d@gmail.com or Contact US!