Basic Rates | Fixer Services

The total estimation of fixer service is comprised of;

  1. Payment to DFS (Production Manager, Producer, or Fixer)
  2. Payment to Non-DFS Parties

“2. Payment to Non-DFS Parties” is all payment necessary for production, including talents, crew, equipment, locations, settings, studios, filming permits, catering, beds, food, travels, transportation and so on, which are directly paid from DFS without any margin or fee to them. We will require the total advance payment for these amounts according to estimation. If the expenses is less than estimation, we will refund the difference.

Basic Rates

DFS fixer, Producer, or Production Manager:

Rates Hours Notes
US$300 9 hrs During pre-production, when we do not need to accompany with production team
US$350 During productions, when we need to accompany with production team
What We Do

We accept any tasks regarding pre-productions and arrangement for productions, including:  talents, crew, equipment, locations, logistics, set constructions, studio hire, filming permits, catering, beds, food, travels, and transportation. These tasks will be administered by DFS fixer (producer, or PM).

We can accept project if; 

  • You do not have any fixer in Japan yet and are looking for a person or team to do comprehensive production tasks in the Japanese side. 

We cannot if; 

  • You already have a fixer in Japan.  Not a few production companies contact DFS and ask “remaining” production tasks like equipment rental, van/driver hire, and arrangement of supportive crew like gaffer, grip or sound. Please ask these tasks to your fixer. If your fixer cannot arrange these basics, do not hire him/her.  


Estimation Steps

Many companies want actual figures in the early stage of pre-production but they often do not have enough information for us to calculate how much they really need.  From our side, it gets problematic sometimes if your needs and assumed budget scale see a huge gap (this, for example,  often happens equipment rental in Japan).   To avoid this problem, DFS set “rough estimation” into the following two steps.

Steps Note
1st Estimate Very rough estimation based on provided information.   If you are okay with this numbers, we can understand that your needs and assumed budget scale does not see the huge gap.   On this step, nobody but a producer just does a desk work to calculate the estimate. Please keep it mind that this figures can largely vary, however.
2nd Estimate
 If you are okay with the 1st estimation, and you also agree with the down payment condition, DFS can go further and can give you a bit more detailed estimate.   On this step,   people in addition to the producer moves according to their needs.  Please keep it mind, because it is assumed that provided information is still incomplete (always),   calculated total is not necessarily fixed.   

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Final Products


*”Human Reflections | Presented by UBS” by T Brand Studio (

*”A Day in the InterContinental life – Osaka” by InterContinental Osaka (

*”Connecting Cultures: Music in Osaka” by Delta Airlines (