Casting Services in Osaka, JAPAN

DFS offers casting services for productions seeking to hire talents locally in Osaka and its surrounding areas like Kyoto, Kobe and Nara, Japan. Not only Japanese but also multinational talents can be spotted.


The Processes of finding talents can be multifaceted. DFS can go with simply arranging potential candidates as an agency. DFS also can function as a casting director in preproduction and run auditions. The advantage of asking this task to DFS is you can find local talents in Osaka and its surrounding areas.

Talents’ Spoken Language(s)

Talents’ language proficiencies for English varies. The following is approximate distributions (not scientific). 

  1. Elementary – >85%
  2. Limited – 10%
  3. Business – 3%
  4. Full Professional – <1% 
  5. Native (including non-Japanese talents) – <1%

In case language proficiency at high level is your priority, your chance to find better talents locally is getting limited. On the other hand, projects like below can exploit DFS’s local casting service very well. 

  • music videos
  • non-English-speaking roles in films and commercials
  • projects that won’t require dialogues in English

DFS’s casting director/fixer can function as an interpreterter during productions if required. 

Basic Rates| Casting Services

It is recommended for you to clarify your expecting budget for talents in prior to starting a process.  Some productions that hesitate to disclose it tend to end up with increasing casting service fee instead of extra working hours by DFS. 

Rates Hours Notes
US$300 A Project Minimum or day rate During pre-production, when not need to accompany with production team. 
US$350 During pre-productions or productions, when need to accompany with production team

If you are looking for comprehensive production arrangements in addition to casting, please refer to fixer service

Please contact; or Contact US!



Final Products


*DFS arranged the all extras in the train scene.  

“Human Reflections | Presented by UBS” by T Brand Studio (