Filmmaking Members Wanted


I’m a Japanese filmmaker based in Osaka for nearly 10 years. I have posted here for several times so far have a good experience with this group.

I’m going to found a local filmmaking group based in Osaka and want a variety of members for it. This is neither a professional nor job post.

We are learning, practicing, and making films in Kansai area.

If you can read Japanese the following is a detailed information page about the group. Its English name is: Daisho Cinematic Arts and Filmmakers Society.


Group Name: Daisho Cinematic Arts and Filmmakers Society (大笑映画の会(だいしょうえいがノかい)

Group Information in detail (Japanese):

What to to:

  • Learning filmmaking
  • Practicing filmmaking

Place to Meet: Higashi-Osaka (For the time being, we will meet at my small studio in Higashi-Osaka, whose nearest station is Ishikiri on the Kintetsu-Nara line. )

When to meet: We gather basically on Sunday. It depends on member’s preference and availabilities. One in a week/two weeks.

About actual filmmaking: We’re planning to make two short films in 2019: one is in May and other is in November.

Member Qualifications: 

  1. Very enthusiastic about making films or learning filmmaking.
  2. Currently live in Osaka and its surrounding areas like Kyoto, Kobe, and Nara. You also will stay in this area permanently or at least until the end of 2019.   
  3. Have a will to learn Japanese language.

Members are mainly comprised of local Japanese and many of them won’t speak English except for me and a few others. You are free to speak English, and I can help communications between members.  The main language of the group is Japanese, however. 


It is ideal if you have any idea which part you want to do from the followings.


  • Camera/Lighting
  • Editing
  • Writing (Japanese)
  • Audio
  • Art
  • PM
  • VFX
  • Etc.


If you are interested in or have any question, please contact:

Hotaka Matsumura