Film Production Study Group members Wanted


Since the last ad regarding the local filmmaking group (, I’ve learned quite a few people want to make their own films.

So I will add film production study group, where you can learn film production as a whole.  We will use English textbook for reference. 

Group Name: Daisho Cinematic Arts and Filmmakers Society – Film Productions (大笑映画の会 監督部)

Who: You want to learn filmmaking from basics to advance, and to make their own films

Purpose:   To train prospective filmmakers based in Kansai area

Lecture Style: 

  1. Lectures – Once in two weeks
  2. Self learning – Always
  3. Production – Once in three month to half year

Lecture Subjects:

・ Film Production Basics to Advance in camera, lighting, audio, editing, script writing, producing, and directing fields.

Duration:  One to three years, it depends.

Lecture day: Basically on Sunday

The First Lecture Day: Sunday, May 12th, 2019 *Time TBA

Place:   Ishikiri, Higashi-Osaka (The nearest train stop is Ishikiri station, Kintetsu Nara Line)

Fee:  Lecture is free. You need to pay transportation to lecture places and locations.

Member Qualifications: 

  1. Very enthusiastic about making films or learning filmmaking.
  2. Currently live in Osaka and its surrounding areas like Kyoto, Kobe, and Nara. You also will stay in this area permanently or at least until the end of 2019.   
  3. Have a will to learn Japanese language. Lecture will be held with both Japanese and English.
  4. You can attend a lecture once in two weeks.
  5. At least you have the following equipment:
    1. Camera and accessories: DSLR or mirrorless (video recordable), a lens(lenses), and tripod.
    2. Editing: PC or Mac. A professional editing software (Adobe Premiere, Final Cut, Etc…) is recommended but not required for a while (we starts from camera lectures)
  6. It’s good if you have lenses equivalent (full size) like 16-28, 50, and 85mm.

Member Termination

  • You are free to  quit this lecture. You must notify me in advance.
  • Lecture may be discontinued in case of any given situations. For example, bad activity, rude behaviour, or just a bad student.
  • This is a lecture for prospective freelancers.

Please give me the following info to apply.

  1. Name, city and ward (if any) you live now, the nearest train station, email address
  2. Your background info (please introduce yourself briefly).
  3. Your visa status in Japan and current working industry if any
  4. Your portfolio, if any

If you are interested in or have any question, please contact:

Hotaka Matsumura