live streamingLive Streaming Services in Osaka, JAPAN

DFS's live streaming service is aimed at companies and productions which are in need of the realtime viewing of contents, events, conference and meetings in remote locations through the Internet. These days live streaming is getting more famous on video sharing platforms like YouTube. DFS is capable of operating multi-camera from one to four or multi-channels up to four. This is most suitable for projects which seek small to miduim-size systems. We also can offer a decent studio space for smaller projects speakers of which are between one to a few.

A LS operator is bilingual in English and Japanese.   

This service also swims the current of the times and is for productions that consider to coordinate its productions with the minimum number of crew. DFS also offers a remote monitoring system with wireless transmitter/receiver during shoot for clients who choose coming to Japan anyway.   

Please contact us and let us know your project.

Live Streaming Services in Osaka, JAPAN

DFS is capable of operating multi-camera operations from one to four or multi-channels up to four. This is most suitable for projects which seek small to miduim-size systems.

bilingual videographerLive Streaming Services in Osaka

An estimation for the service is comprised of the following aspects:

  1. Live Streaming Operator
  2. Camera Crew (optional)

This LS service itself is with own cameras from one to three. You can expect decent images without dedicated camera operator. Please consider adding the operators in case you need camera(s) to move around sites or adjusting head/focus during shoot. 

live streaming

Rates | Live Streaming Services

DFS's LS system is for small to medium sized projects. Our streaming gears are;

  • Blackmagic Design Atem Mini Pro
  • Zoom LiveTrak L-8
  • Holland MARS 400S
  • DELL Precision 5510
Live Streaming Operator with camera(s)

The LS operator can bring a camera(s) without operators. The "preparation" is for constructing a system in given locations before shooting. Please keep it mind we need to prepare for every live streaming beforehand.    

Package # of cameras # of video inputs # of Mics Half Day Rates Day Rates
Live Streaming Operater with One Camera 1 1~4 Up to 2 US$ 395  US$ 500
Live Streaming Operator with Two Cameras  2 1~4 Up to 3 US$ 445 US$ 550 
Live Streaming Operator with Three Cameras  3 1~4 Up to 4 US$ 495 US$ 600 
Live Streaming Operator - Preparation - - - US$250 US$300
  • Camera(s) without operator(s) won't be moving around/adjusting focus. All cameras without operators are fixed in its posotion.  
  • The rest of video channels can be used as other inputs like PC screens. 
Camera Crew (Optional)
Package # of cameras Half Day Rates (Up to 4 hrs) Day Rates (up to 10hrs)
One Camera Crew 1 US$ 395  US$ 500
Two Camera Crew 2 US$ 790  US$ 1,000
Three Camera Crew 3 US$ 1,185  US$ 1,500

*This camera crew services are partially associated with our videographer service. Differnces are:

  • These cameramen/women are often mono-lingual in English or Japanese
  • Not operating audio because it is controlled by the LS operator. 
  • Not operating lighting.  
Using DFS's Small Studio (Optional)

DFS has a studio space in an old apartment in the eastern Osaka. This space can be used for projects with one to a few speakers. This place is not ideal for projects which are very strict in audio quality like music.    

Package 1 hr 2 hr 3 hr 4 hr + 1 hr
DFS Studio Rental  US$ 50  US$ 75 US$ 100 US$ 125  US$ 25
*You can see studio photo here (flickr)