Event Recap / Wrap-up Videos

Quite a few companies have important events in Japan these days, which they want to distribute as the form of videos afterward.  Many companies want to hire their creative teams in Japan because it is much less expensive then bringing a team from their host countries. It often gets hard, however, to find qualified video artists in terms of both skill and English-communicable in Japan. DFS Productions have met such expectations by its quality and quickness, and of course English. Please contact for sample videos from our past works.   

Our price is simple and the best value. 

Package Crew Camera Final VIdeo Audio Rates
Recap Video with 1 Day Shoot 2 2 Up to 3 mins. Lav./Feed/Shotgun US$ 3,495
Recap Video with 2 Day Shoot 2 2 Up to 5 mins. Lav./Feed/Shotgun US$ 5,490 
Recap Video with 3 Day Shoot 2 2 Up to 7 mins. Lav./Feed/Shotgun US$ 7,485


We have some options often for this kind of project such as;

Optional Item Note Day Rates
Local Producer Asking questions to interviewees US$ 450
Additional Camera Operator  *Not including camera US$ 500 

If your project is larger scale than these, please contact for quote.

Television, Broadcasting, Documentary, Corporate, and Cinema

DFS has worked on television, broadcasting, documentary, corporate, and cinema projects as camera part