The following videos are some examples where DFS does cinematography, editing, directing, or/and production. Please refer to the notes at the bottom of this page for detailed information.

*Some project reels are not allowed to show in public (i.e. corporate videos). If you want to watch them, please contact us. We'll give you passwords to access the videos!

*"MOTHER'S BIRTHDAY", short feature, US 2012 - Production

*"MAGNETOM Spectra - Kajikawa Hospital, Japan", Siemens Project (Germany) - Cinematography, Producing in Japan
*"KYOTO Springlapse", Timelapse Photography, Japan - Photography/Editing
*"Mount Fuji", Timelapse Photography, Japan - Photography/Editing
*"Hiraoka Matsuri in October", Japan, Directing/Cinematography/Editing
*"Kobe in Timelapse", Timelapse Photography, Japan, Photography/Editing
*"Shoji Hachijo", interview PV, Japan 2012 - Cinematography/Editing/Directing
*"Still There", US 2011 - Cinematography/Editing
*"Katano's Tanabata Fest in July", Japan 2013 - Cinematography/Editing
*"Mount Kōya in May", Japan 2012 - Cinematography/Editing
*"Hozanji in May", Japan 2013 - Cinematography/Editing
*"Sleeping in Gethsemane - Of Giants", music live, US 2012 - Cameraman