Jam Yau – Filmmaker

JamOrigin: Hong Kong   Languages: Cantonese , Mandarin , Japanese , English

Roles Acceptable: Cinematographer or DoP, Director, Gaffer, and Assistant Camera for Red cameras

Working Territories; Japan, Hong Kong, and Asian countries


Basing in Osaka Japan , Jam (HKSC) is now working between Hong Kong and all over Japan as well as most Asian countries.

He has worked as a professional videographer/D.O.P more than 20 years for the number of International companies such as FOX TV , Disney Channel , Coke , Canon and etc.

Just like the shooting style everyone does these day , he can handle from "one man band" to hundred-people-scaled productions.


  • ARRI ALEXA mini
  • Sony A7S II 4K
  • Sony OLED 17" SDI HDMI monitor
  • TV Logic SDI +HDMI 5.6" monitor
  • SDI HDMI wireless unit
  • Lenses
    - Canon F/2.8 16-35mm
    - Canon F/2.8 28-70mm
    - Canon F/2.8 70-200mm
    - Leica R lens 35,50,180
    - Carl ZEISS 28,100

The following videos are some of Jam's works where he was in charge of director or/and cinematographer.  If you have any questions, please contact us and let us know your project.