Basic Rates | Production Service

The total of production service is comprised of;

  1. Payment to DFS (Production Manager, Producer, or Fixer)
  2. Payment to Non-DFS Parties

“2. Payment to Non-DFS Parties” is all payment necessary for production, including talents, crew, equipment, locations, settings, studios, filming permits, catering, beds, food, travels, transportation and so on, which are directly paid from DFS without any margin or fee to them. We will require the total advance payment for these amounts according to estimation. If the expenses is less than estimation, we will refund the difference.

Basic Rates

DFS fixer, Producer, or Production Manager:

Rates Hours Notes
US$400-750 9 hrs During pre-production, when we do not need to accompany with production team
US$450-800 During productions, when we need to accompany with production team


Other Parts:

Role Rates Hours Notes
Location Scout US$350 9 hrs If required to accompany with a production team during shoot,additional US$50 will be charged.
Location Manager US$450 9 hrs
Production Coordinator US$425 9 hrs
Casting Director US$375-650 9 hrs
Interpreter US$300-550 9 hrs

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